Big Trouble in Little China

So recently I got a request to review the 1986 cult classic, Big Trouble in Little China. Which reminds me to tell you that I am totally open for any review requests. Just say the movie name in the comments. Many times I have a hard time selecting a movie to review, so requests are really helpful and allow me to see a new movie too. Win win! So when I got the request for Big Trouble, I decided to watch it. It was weird, but it was worth it.

Big Trouble in Little China tells the story of All-American trucker Jack Burton, Kurt Russell, who helps his best friend rescue his fiancée from bandits in Chinatown, and gets dragged into a centuries-old mystical battle.

Let me just start with this: the movie is weird. Evil sorcerers, epic kung fu battles, floating eyeballs, Big Trouble has it all. Don’t get me wrong though, the movie was weird in a good 80s action movie kinda way. Mind you, if this movie was released today, critics wouldn’t miss the opportunity to tear it to shreds. However, it’s just one of those oldies that you can’t really criticize because it’s awesome in its own unique way. The movie was funny too and was action packed to the brim. The special effects were pretty good for the 80s, but almost over shadowed the film. Nevertheless, the effects will most likely appeal to kids, as they will love this movie.

Kurt Russell kicked butt in this movie. He’s the red white and blue trucker who can’t be pinned down and will readily pick up a gun to help out his buddy.

“Like I told my last wife, I says, “Honey, I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that, it’s all in the reflexes.”

Like who says that??? Jack Burton, that’s who! I loved him and I kinda have an urge to be a truck driver now. Hopefully, that will pass soon. Kim Cattrall also starred as lawyer Gracie Law who helps Burton along the way. Their relationship was funny because she was the brains and he was the brawn. Big Trouble Little China is a movie I would recommend for any family in need of a good ole action/adventure film.

ALL IN ALL:  Big Trouble in Little China is an interesting find that packs comedy, martial arts, and adventure all into one.

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