Morning Glory

I knew the time would come for me to do a chick flick, so let’s get it over with. I decided to do Morning Glory, which came out in 2010, because while it’s not really a cliché movie, it still had some areas of improvement.

Morning Glory is about a young and devoted television producer Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) who accepts the challenge of reviving a failing morning show program by contracting a prominent news journalist/anchor (Harrison Ford), who disapproves of co-hosting a show that doesn’t deal with real news stories. Diane Keaton also serves as the shows long-running co-host and Patrick Wilson plays the role of Becky’s love interest.

I thought the film was, I guess, cute. It had all the ingredients to be a really good movie, but the plot structure had many flaws. For one thing, there were way too many ups and downs in the film. Just stick with the normal plot outline: have the intro, initiating event, turning point, crisis, final push, aftermath. Don’t have a crisis every three minutes!

The film also had a good cast, but they didn’t really live up to their standards. Rachel McAdams was too hyper for my liking, though that’s how her character is supposed to be. Diane Keaton should have been used more as a prominent character. I could totally picture her as morning show host too!  Harrison Ford was by far the best part of the film. He was excellent, though his voice reminded me of Batman. He was able to play this unlikeable, extremely grumpy character, but still have the audience love him by the end of the film. He showed the human side of this character flawlessly. Keaton and Ford’s chemistry was strong too.

I would recommend Morning Glory to any cheeky female (males beware), who’s looking a cute movie to snuggle up to on a Friday night. The film produces some genuine laughs and smiles.  However, it’s not really a film worthwile to see, in my opinon. Instead check some of the other movies I’ve reviewed! Please.

ALL IN ALL: Morning Glory is one movie that shouldn’t be on your must-see watchlist.

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