Oscar Nominations 2014

Oscar Nominations came out this past Thursday!

complete list: http://oscar.go.com/nominees


  • Philomena got four Oscar nominations including Best Picture and Best Actress for Judi Dench, I never really heard about this film before awards season, same with Nebraska which got 6 nominations, but it looks very good
  • Jonah Hill’s Best Actor in a Supporting Role nomination for Wolf of Wall Street. Whaa?? He wasn’t even nominated for the Golden Globe, SAG, etc. Seems very random
  • Dallas Buyers Club and Captain Phillips for Best Picture, I don’t know, I was surprised


  • Saving Mr.Banks only got nominated for Original Score. What about Emma Thompson or Tom Hanks for Best Actress and Best Actor? Also for Tom Hanks: nothing for Captain Phillips
  • Inside Llewyn Davis only got two nominations for Cinematography and Sound Mixing. This film seemed like a perfect nominee for so many categories especially Original Song and screenplay. Even though it topped many critics list, the Cohen brothers have been almost shut out this year.
  • Monster’s University for Best Animated Feature. I do admit this movie was a little weak but I thought the Academy loved Pixar.
  • Out of American Hustle‘s 10 nominations, it  lost out on a Best Makeup and Hair styling nomination. I feel like half that movie was the hair!
  • Robert Redford for All is Lost, early front-runner too
  • actually a lot of the early front-runners like Lee Daniel’s The Butler (Oprah was awesome!) and Fruitvale Station got no love from the Academy

That’s all I can think of, again check out the complete list for the other nominations! Closer to the actual show on March 2nd, we’ll reveal our predictions!

One response

  1. I’m with you. Happy to see some nominations and surprised by others.

    The lack of Michael B. Jordan, Tom Hanks, and Emma Thompson was disappointing.

    What was the Academy thinking? Did they forget about those performances? Were they released too early?

    Oscars night willbe interesting. 🙂

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