Trailer of the Week: Wolf of Wall Street

Sorry for the huge delay guys! Okay so the first trailer for this next movie came out this last summer in June, but I wasn’t able to do a post soon enough. The Wolf of Wall Street is an upcoming film by Martin Scorsese, featuring another collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio. Based on the true life story of Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) a wealthy stockbroker and his fall into crime and corruption on Wall Street that led to a massive 1990’s securities fraud case. Also starring Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill.

I was actually surprised when I first saw the trailer because it actually looks funny! The cast performances look great and you can’t go wrong with Scorsese. Hopefully some award nominations in the future, always a Leo fan, and good reviews will come towards the movie because it is sure to be a winner! Here is a link for the first trailer to the movie as well (which I actually like better than the second one: The Wolf of Wall Street is Rated R and comes out Christmas Day 2013.


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