Man of Steel

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Just Kidding!!!!!!!!!  


Man I was so psyched for this movie. The one superhero movie that I actually greeted with open arms for a reboot. I thought that critics would praise the film; however, much to my dismay, the film received mixed reviews! So out to prove them wrong, I went out and watched the movie and have come back with a different conclusion. Though I agree with some of the criticism, Man of Steel was a good movie in my opinion!!!

Man of Steel tells the origins of the famous man behind the obvious glasses: Superman (Henry Cavill) as he is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when Earth is invaded by members of his race. Also in the movie are Amy Adams as Lois Lane: journalist and love interest, Michael Shannon as General Zod: villain trying to rebuild planet Krypton, Diane Lane as Martha Kent: Clark’s (a.k.a Superman’s) adoptive mother, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent: Clark’s adoptive father, and Russel Crowe as Jor-El: Clark’s father.

Let me just get what I didn’t like about the film out-of-the-way. First of all, the fight scenes. Though the special effects were amazing, the fight scenes were dizzying, confusing, and never-ending. Way too many times did I think the movie was over, only to be countered with some other object falling from the sky or some bad guy coming back for more. I think one is enough, thank you. Speaking of fights though, New York City gets destroyed! Aren’t hundreds of people being killed in these skyscraper crashes? I feel bad because it’s like in every movie, NYC is smashed to pieces. Moving on, though I loved Amy Adams as Lois Lane, her character was dictionary definition of “damsel-in-distress”. Yeah, yeah they tried to make her all headstrong and independent as a journalist, but Superman saved her butt like ten times in the movie. When do you learn, girl?  The movie was a bit confusing at times too, but after a while can be deciphered easily. I also thought the film could have included humor and the attempts were futile, but I respect it being a darker version of the tale.

Now onto the good stuff! First of all, Henry Cavill. As you could have seen from my little tribute above, my interest in him has definitely sparked from watching this movie, probably because I spent the whole time looking at his beautiful face! Distracting? Yes, but I’m not complaining and I’m sure no one else is either. I personally think he’s the best one yet, besides for Christopher Reeve of course. Cavill was great and showed true emotion as his character goes through major reinvention. My favorite parts of the film are surprisingly the scenes of him growing up in Kansas. I loved hearing about his origin and background, and the scenes with and him and his mother (perfectly played by Diane Lane) were the only heartwarming aspects of the film.  Great story overall.

One last point I wanted to bring up that I will praise the movie for endlessly is the fact that Lois Lane knows about Clark Kent being Superman. Thank god, finally a realistic plot! Lane is supposed to be an intelligent journalist, right? So of course she would find out about his true identity! Never understood why past movies and comics kept her in the dark. So, Man of Steel misses some and hits some of the required points to become a great superhero movie. However, I do recommend it for the younger crowd and those action-thirsty fans. You will be satisfied!

ALL IN ALL: Man of Steel has potential to be a great superhero movie with its story and cast, but the never-ending fight scenes and dizzying visual effects put a damper on things.


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