superhero movies overload: a rant

Okay so this week there has been a lot of superhero movie talk. Sony announced The Amazing Spiderman 2 and 3 release dates, in addition to Shailene Woodley being cut out of the 2nd movie as Mary Jane. I guess it makes sense to wait to introduce her until the 3rd movie, but come on, she already shot the scenes and everything! Plus I was really looking forward to seeing her. However, I’m not really looking forward to the sequels that much. First of all, I did not see the need for the 1st movie because the last Spiderman film (Spiderman 3)  was just out 5 years ago. Really? A reboot that soon? Sure the movie was good, but I’m not sure if a whole trilogy is actually wanted by a lot of people.

Now another Marvel mega hit was announced today for two more sequels. Yup The Avengers. Was I the only one who wasn’t obsessed with this movie? Probably with me being more of a DC Comics girl (still need to see Man of Steel), I was not really that impressed. Now there’s going to be 2 more? Oy vey. Not to mention the separate sequels for all the other members of The Avengers. Captain America: The Winter Soldier  (2014) and Thor: The Dark World (2013). Is there going to be an Iron Man 4and 5? I know there were rumors. Oh and there’s going to be a Fantastic Four reboot (2015), when again the last one came out 5 years ago, and the new X-Men: Days of the Future movie (2014)….. whoa. Marvel, slow down!!!!! Can we give DC some time to catch up here?

Also did anyone see Man of Steel? Critics were iffy on it, but I know a lot of people who absolutely loved it. comments please!


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