SAG Awards 2013

The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards were on Sunday, y’all! Some big winners and gorgeous dresses! So let’s talk

Here’s a list of winners:

The highlights:

  • Best Cast:  Argo. I think it’s gonna win big at the Oscars! 
  • Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln. approve
  • Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook. whoa! She’s so young, but I doubt she’ll win at the Oscars. It’d be weird too because it would be so early in her career.
  • Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln. The winners in this category are so jumbled! First Phillip Seymour Hoffman, then Christoph Waltz, now Tommy Lee Jones! I honestly don’t know who will win the Oscar
  • Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables. ugghhhhhh she’s gonna win the Oscar, let’s just accept that
  • Drama Series Cast: Downton Abbey. I so thought Homeland would do another big sweep like at the Globes, but I guess not! I really want to start watching Downton Abbey, is it really that good? comments please!
  • Best Actor in a Drama Series: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad. thought Homeland would win, but not complaining
  • Best Actress in a Drama Series: Claire Danes, Homeland. of course
  • Comedy Series Cast: Modern Family. Surprised Girls wasn’t even nominated, but happy for Modern Family.
  • Best Actress in a Comedy Series: Tina Fey, 30 Rock. Rightfully deserved especially since the series finale was on Wednesday.
  • Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock. again, definitely deserved it

Now on to the RED CARPET!!!!!! yayayay

to see all of them:

My favorites:

  • Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta

  • Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen

  • Marion Cotillard in Dior. Loved the pockets and her haircut!

  • Nina Dobrev in Elie Saab

Not so Good:

  • Freida Pino in in Roland Mouret. Don’t lke her hair and the dress gives her a much bigger shape

  • Claire Danes in Givenchy. Not a fan of the shape and cut of the dress. Don’t like the dark lip either

  • Rose Byrne in Valentino. It looks like a shower curtain and squid mixed together.

  • Lea Michele in Valentino. ughh don’t like her, very annoying. She looks like she’s going to prom! The dress looks poorly made and the color is dreadful.

So that’s the end of this award show segment! We’ll do our final segement for the Oscars on Feb. 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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