Let’s get back to reviewing! So I saw the latest Pixar movie Brave over the summer actually, but I thought it would be a good movie to review. Let me start off with saying how much I love Pixar. They have made some of my all-time favorite movies. Monster’s Inc, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Up. C’mon, who doesn’t love Pixar? So when I saw Brave, I had high expectations. However, unlike some of the other movies I’ve reviewed, those expectations weren’t exactly met.

Set in the Scottish Highlands, Brave is the story of Merida, a reckless princess and aspiring archer who is determined to carve her own path in life. After accidentally unleashing a curse, Merida is forced to set things before it’s too late. From the previews, I actually thought the movie was just about a rebellious Scottish princess, so when this curse came into the story, I was totally caught off-guard. I found myself thinking repeatedly throughout the movie: This is what it’s about? Oh.

Now, now, now, I’m not saying Brave has horrible. It wasn’t. It was good, but sadly that’s all I can say. If I saw the film when I was younger, I probably would have loved it, with the sassy princess and the amazing animations(which really were beautiful by the way), but as an “older person”( I can’t really call myself an adult just yet), I wasn’t very impressed. There were high points though. For one thing, Merida’s hair was probably the best part of the movie. I think I read somewhere that it took the Pixar engineers three years to get the final look for hair. Wow. Her hair was stunning. I mean, look at all those individual curls! I was watching the curls most of the time, rather than the movie! Also there was humor especially brought forth from Merida’s adorable younger triplet brothers. The movie should have focused on them a bit more actually because they were hilarious!

look at those curls!

Brave has the potential to be a great movie. Being Pixar’s first female protagonist, Merida was a much-needed reboot of the damsel-in-distress Disney princess. With her sass and wit, she’s determined to make her own destiny. However, Merida was annoying at times and seemed very selfish. Throughout the whole movie, she kept focusing on her destiny even when there were much more important things to think about! Also, the storyline was very, I guess, basic for Pixar. I mean, they made a movie about a flying house tied with thousands of balloons for Pete’s sake!  Brave just doesn’t deliver the storyline it promises. While the movie is great for children, adults who have seen Pixar’s other works, will not be that impressed.

ALL IN ALL: Brave is not Pixar’s best and fails to live up to its standards

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